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Welcome to the 2nd Bn, 92nd FA

 Rivers Barracks, Giessen, Germany

This website is not only for members who served in this unit, but for all members who were stationed in Giessen, Germany

The US Army Field Artillery traces its history back to the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers, the only regular troops retained in the service of the new United States following the revolution. Many of the regiments active today were organized before or during the Civil War. The Field Artillery was organized in individual battalions until the late 1950s, when a regimental system with multiple battalions per regiment was established. The Field Artillery continues to provide direct artillery support to Infantry, Armor and Cavalry units


 Live Picture from Giessen



 All Giessen facilities are now closed

During the WWII the installation, built originally for German Signal units, was known as Verdun Kaserne.
The post was renamed Rivers Barracks in honor of Staff Sergeant Ruben Rivers of Company A, 761st Tank Bn.

The U.S. Garrison was inactivated and the colors cased on 28 September 2007. This includes all US Facilities in Giessen, Butzbach and Friedberg.

If you have been in the 2nd 92nd or any of the other units in Giessen please contact us:


I am in the process of updating the site and adding new links and interesting facts, so come back often.  If you have any information about Giessen and its US Military, feel free to contact me or check out the forum and add it there. Thank you :)





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This website is still in progress as many new details will be added.  Please come back often. The forum is not limited to the 2nd 92nd but to all who have been at the Rivers Barracks.  We hope you will come in and check it out.

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